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{Save our Home} Etsy Love

If I’m being honest, I can admit that I have an addiction….to shopping. There’s nothing like a little retail therapy for the soul. The Internet has only caused more issues for those of us with this addiction because we can shop right from our desks or couches or iPhones. You know you’ve shopped online way […]

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heidimitchell - I’m loving the top one with the bow!November 9, 2010 – 6:57 pm

Steff - i NEED the green one. must learn to make.November 9, 2010 – 5:54 pm

First Flight & A Sneak Peek

I’ll be taking Lincoln on his first flight this weekend! We are headed up to Charleston, West Virginia, to visit some dear friends and photograph a couple of portrait sessions. I’ll be out of the office until Wednesday, September 15. Let’s hope my little guy likes to fly and I don’t become “that” mom with […]

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Jenni - What, no sneak peek of their FABULOUS wedding party?? ;)September 9, 2010 – 8:35 pm

I’m Still Here: Personal

Yes, I’m still here! I’m ashamed to even look at how long it’s been since I’ve updated, but I am technically still on maternity leave, so cut me some slack ;) It’s been a crazy adventure for the Mitchell family the past several weeks. I can’t believe Lincoln turns 6 weeks old today! He’s incredibly […]

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Props & Flops

One word to describe the past couple of weeks: chaos. I thought it was time to hash it all out in another edition of Props & Flops. This week’s Flops go to: 1. Stomach Flu. I thought I felt strange Thursday night. Then I woke up Friday morning feeling about as lousy as is humanly […]

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alison shoaf - LOVE!! That’s my precious godson :) I can’t wait to see more!!!March 2, 2010 – 1:32 am

Carrie Ann - OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! THAT IS WHY WE KEEP COMING BACK! I can not wait to see the rest – looooooooove this one!March 2, 2010 – 12:57 am

Barbra-Sue Nelson - I had that stomach thing too…. hit me for 24 hours and then about 3 days until I could eat again…. horrible! Glad you are feeling better!March 2, 2010 – 12:47 am

Steff - You are too funny. I’ve been scheming my own props and flops for next weeks blog post, however, I will not have a flop as big as the stomach bugs. They are horrid.March 1, 2010 – 6:58 pm

Welcome 2010!

We have now completed ¬†almost a week of the new year! It’s so hard to believe. Maybe I’m getting old, but 2009 flew by. I always love to reflect on the year that has just passed, and 2009 was a good one. Here are some personal & business highlights of 2009: -My 2nd year of […]

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Sheree Laskowski - Beautiful pictures and wonderful settings!!!!January 25, 2010 – 6:31 pm