I’m Still Here: Personal

Yes, I’m still here! I’m ashamed to even look at how long it’s been since I’ve updated, but I am technically still on maternity leave, so cut me some slack ;)

It’s been a crazy adventure for the Mitchell family the past several weeks. I can’t believe Lincoln turns 6 weeks old today! He’s incredibly adorable,(if I do say so myself) and he’s also quite a handful. His cuteness helps make up for the craziness he has brought to my life!

Please keep my family in your prayers. My husband Mike was hospitalized last week. It was very scary and very unexpected. We are still waiting on some test results, but he is back home and feeling better. Needless to say, newborn + sick husband = a slightly stressed & exhausted me.

I’m excited about getting back to work later this summer, & I’ve enjoyed meeting some new couples recently whose weddings I’ll be photographing later this year & next year!

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of my little man making a silly face at me.