So Very Thankful

Today is a day to give thanks. To stop and consider all of the blessings in our lives. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been the most appreciative in the last few months. A hectic schedule and a difficult semester at school can start to weigh on you. But today, I spent the day with my family. I rode in the car with my mom, dad, husband and brothers to go see the rest of our family. We laughed and talked on the way down while Mike and Chris watched Kung Fu Panda on the DVD player. We enjoyed a huge feast of a lunch while surrounded by the rest of our family members. We spent the rest of the warm, sunny afternoon wandering my Aunt’s 20 acres admiring the horses, dogs and her new blueberry farm. I’m so glad there are days like today to take a break from the busyness of life. 
No matter what happens with the economy or politics or my finals at school next week, I am blessed beyond measure. I have an incredible husband who adores me. I can see that in his eyes. I have a family that is close and that’s always there to support me. I have more material blessings than so many other people around the world. I live in a country filled with opportunity. At the ages of 24 and 28, Mike and I make a living as entrepreneurs. We do things that we love and people pay us to do them. So today I am truly thankful, and I will try to carry that over into next week and the week after that when real life shows up again. 
If you’re reading this blog, then I’m thankful for you, too! That means you are a friend who loves and supports me, or a client who helps make my dream career a reality every day. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you :)

Heidi Mitchell - Love you, too! I will have to keep reading this blog entry and reminding myself about it during this week of school! Finals stink, but I’ll survive :)December 1, 2008 – 5:03 pm

Anonymous - This is why I love you so much!
-SteffDecember 1, 2008 – 4:40 pm