Props & Flops

I felt the need to share another edition of Props & Flops. The Christmas season is so busy/wonderful/stressful/exciting. There’s just so much I can say about the past several weeks. Without further ado,

This week’s Props go to:

1. Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest. This cute Christmas tree farm is worth the drive to the middle of nowhere. I went with my family and cut down my tree for the first time! Perhaps I should rephrase. I pointed at a tree, and my little brother got on the ground in the dirt and cut it down. Either way, it was exciting. I have a true Florida tree this year, and the best part is that my 6.5 foot tree was only $25. Score! Besides the trees, they have a maze, petting zoo and hay rides. We had so much fun that I think it will be a new tradition to go cut our own tree every year!


2. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes. What can I even say about these things? They only come around once a year, so you really have to take full advantage. Just don’t read that pesky label that talks about calories. I’m typically pretty good about resisting items like this in the grocery store, but these are basically irresistible. I’m sure it can be scientifically proven. Or something like that.

3. Waking Up. OneRepublic’s new album has made me smile this month! This thing is so good, it’s been hard for me to choose whether or not to listen to it or Christmas music. I love Christmas music, so that’s saying something. They created some fabulous rock/pop/hip-hop mish-mash , and who wouldn’t love the way they infuse the cello into their songs? Five stars from me. In case any music critics were patiently waiting on my opinion.

And the lucky winners of an official Flop from Heidi are…

1. One of my adorable dogs, Blondie. Who could possibly be upset with this perfect angel of a dog, you ask? Don’t let the puppy dog eyes and pretty face fool you. She’s a cold blooded killer. Before I knew what had happened this morning, she had brought a dead squirrel in the house after she caught and killed him. The worst part is that she framed Peanut by leaving it in his bed and not hers. If you know my dogs, it’s pretty obvious that Peanut couldn’t have killed the squirrel. Needless to say, I called Mike and asked that he come home immediately to remove the deceased. I hid in my room until he arrived. Wimpy? Yes. A flop awarded to Blondie? Most definitely.


2. A certain large, box store which shall remain unnamed. I personally refuse to go to said box store 99% of the time. I find that every trip is frustrating and too eventful. Unfortunately, if you need something late at night, there aren’t many other places that stay open 24 hours a day. One of the first things I saw as I cautiously entered the store over the weekend was a grown man in his pajamas. Really? Was it too much effort to put on a pair of jeans? The next thing I saw was a shirtless child. Later encounters included parents cursing at and around their children. Let’s just say, I have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit in that environment. Big fat flop to you, retail giant!

3. Tiger Mania. I’m sorry. It just had to be said. Since the oh-so-famous golfer resides in The City Beautiful, our local news has been overtaken by reports about his personal life. Three words: We.Don’t.Care. Move on, people! I can’t imagine what his wife and family must be feeling, and to have it spread all over the news is just sad. I for one am tired of seeing people’s lives fall apart on television and in magazines. And to all of the alleged mistresses getting their 15 minutes of fame in national interviews, shame on you, and a big flop from me to you!

I hope everyone is having a great month as you prepare to celebrate with your families! This is such a fun time of year. Enjoy the shopping, parties and desserts! And eat a Christmas Tree Cake or two while they’re still here. Merry Christmas :)

Bri Snell - haha. I LOVE the christmas tree farm! We used to go there every year. It was weird going to lowes this year to get our tree, since I’m in Gainesville now. :/

I love the story of your dogs. too cute.December 26, 2009 – 7:44 pm

Annette - Poor little puppy. Just wanted to give you an early Chirstmas gift :), Yes I also do not go to that store if I can help it. I hate hate hate it. And lets just leave Tiger and his family alone. Its done its over and they need to get on with and so does the media.

I love the Christmas tree. Been there done that, got an artificial one much to the horror of my children :(December 14, 2009 – 9:40 pm