Love in Action: Personal

You could feel the anticipation as we waited in the corridor outside the courtroom. Well, you could feel it in the adults. The little guy was cool as a cucumber. They finally called for us to come in. As we entered the room, the gravity of the moment fell on her, and she began to cry. Someone said to her, “Oh. Don’t cry”. I turned to them and told them there was no use telling her that. Let the tears flow. After 21 long months of waiting, their day had finally arrived. It had been 21 months of not knowing whether this child that they loved would be taken from them, or continue to be a part of their family.
The judge entered the room. Through misty eyes, she told them that children were the most important part of a family. She asked everyone in the room to promise that they would help care for him physically, emotionally and spiritually. She told us that this was simply a time to recognize legally the bond that had long existed among the 3 of them. Then she asked the little one to make her a promise. She knows he won’t remember, but she asked everyone to remind him one day. She asked him to promise that he would always obey his parents and realize how special he was. He was special because his parents chose him to be a part of their family. “If you agree to promise me this, then please ‘moo'”. (His favorite animal sound) He did. And with that, they became a family officially, although they had actually been one since the day they laid eyes on him.
I cried behind my camera as I watched my friends realize their dream right in front of me. It had been a struggle knowing that they would not be able to have children of their own. I know there were many tears shed, but on this day, I couldn’t help but think that this was perfect. This was exactly how their lives were meant to be.
I saw love on that day. I mean, real love in action. It didn’t matter that their skin was different colors or that they didn’t have the same blood running through their veins. Real love is so much stronger than all of that. As a Christian, I couldn’t help but to feel that I had seen a real-life example of Christ’s love for me. He chose me to be a part of His family. He adopted me as one of His own. Wow.
Bryan and Jamie, thank you for letting me be a part of this day. I am certain that this is one of the most powerful moments I have ever photographed. You guys deserve to be parents, and Johnathan deserves great parents. It’s perfect. I’m trilled that I was able to create the images that you will look back on when he turns 16, when he graduates, when he gets married. It was truly an honor.

Caimbrin - Just going through these picture its easy to see how awesome this day was! Congrats to Bryan and Jamie and little Johnathon.March 26, 2009 – 8:10 pm

Lauren Kelly - Heidi, such a God moment you witnessed right there. How POWERFUL!!!!March 26, 2009 – 4:48 pm