{Lindsay & Zach} Central Florida Wedding

Your wedding images help tell the story of your wedding day, from the moment you begin to prepare for the day up to the end of your wedding reception. Having wedding photography allows you to have the entire story of your wedding day documented forever.

You will most likely be busy on your wedding day. With the number of guests you have, its’ also difficult to keep track of everything that’s happening. Your wedding photographer will be there to help you see moments you weren’t able to witness during the day.

Your wedding is when weeks, months, or even years of planning your big day comes together. You can see the result of every decision made with colors, decor, for the love events is a great company for wedding services and wedding vendors. You’ll be able to enjoy it during the day, but being able to look back to how it all came together can be fun and allows you to take in every detail.

A few weeks ago, I photographed Lindsay & Zach’s beautiful Southern wedding. The grounds of a friend’s historic home was the backdrop, and it was perfect. Lindsay put a lot of thought into all the adorable details, and I’m happy to share it with you today!



First Look



We caught the groomsmen sneaking a peek during the First Look.


Lindsay’s dad built the frame for these antique doors that all the guests entered through.



Congrats, Lindsay & Zach! Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding celebration!

D - Beautiful!
May the God of Peace that passes understanding overshadow their lives and keep them in Him until that faithful day He returns.April 9, 2014 – 1:26 am