Lauren & Michael: Engagement Part II

A few months ago, I posted engagement photos of my younger brother and his fiance. We were planning on doing so much more that day, but we got rained out. Well then we were going to reschedule to finish their session, but it just didn’t work out to do before I had the baby. So finally….. we got to finish their engagement session last week!

Michael & Lauren are getting married at the adorable Lange Farm later this year, so she asked if we could do something kind of vintage-farm-country-ish. We have some friends who have this lovely barn on their property, so we decided it was the perfect setting. So I guess this is my first themed session. If you check out wedding planning & inspiration blogs at all, you know that the themed engagement session is big right now. I read a blog the other day that told photographers not to even submit their sessions for publishing unless it was themed! Because I strive to stay current and make sure I’m offering what brides want, I definitely wanted to dive in! Lauren had some awesome ideas and went thrift store shopping to get the look she wanted. It was so much fun, and I absolutely loved being creative and thinking outside of the “normal” engagement session box.

Since I loved it so much, I definitely want to do it again! If you have an engagement, couple’s or family session scheduled with me, let’s talk about how we can do a themed session that fits your personality.

Without further ado….Michael & Lauren’s vintage country engagement. Let me know what you think :)

Sometimes I like to include some out-takes from a session. Since they had to travel to get to the location, they needed to bring their dogs so they wouldn’t be left home alone all day. Well we weren’t exactly planning on adding them in the photos, but Ellie & Baloo had other plans! They jumped right in.

Baloo posing in the background while Ellie comes to check me out.

My brother has always been a bookworm. Some of my earliest memories of him involve him “reading” books, even though he definitely wasn’t old enough to actually read yet. With that in mind, we thought the vintage books would be a perfect addition to the session.

Steff - My favorite is the one where they are up in the barn. Cute Cute.August 4, 2010 – 9:07 pm

Kylie - LOVE the themed photo shoot! The pictures turned out great! Such a great idea!August 2, 2010 – 4:33 pm

Lauren Soon-to-be-Salas - WOOHOOO!!!! These are amazing. I feel like they really caught the love between Michael and I! My favorites of course are with the puppies! We were dying laughing at the one where Baloo posed and Elly was all up in the camera. So perfect! Heidi you are so talented! I am so lucky to have engagement photo’s like these. Shhh don’t tell Michael but that’s why I am marrying him. Just to get to you ;) hahaAugust 2, 2010 – 3:00 pm

Alicia Candelora - These are beautiful! :) Your work gets better and better with each shoot!August 2, 2010 – 2:45 pm

caimbrin - these are AWESOME! I love love love the theme. It is so cute.August 2, 2010 – 2:13 pm

Lauren Kelly - Just BEAUTIFUL, Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)August 2, 2010 – 2:03 pm