Fresh Start: Promotion


There’s nothing like a new year to give you a chance to start fresh. With this in mind, I thought it was fitting to update the blog. (I know it’s mid-January, but hey, I’m slow like that.) Hopefully you noticed the facelift! I added a new background (if your screen is wide enough to see beyond the white middle section), all new photos up top and a new favicon (Look to the left of the web address. I just learned what those little things are called. I never claimed to be an internet guru).

Oh yeah……and a new contest! Why a new contest? Because it’s fun & I like to give things away :)

Here’s the deal:

1. Go to the bottom of this post and click “add a comment”.

2. In 2-3 sentences or even less, tell me one of two things (your choice). A- What obnoxious thing/slang/phrase/fashion statement/etc should be left in the last decade OR B- One of your goals for the new year & decade.

3. Post your comment by Monday, January 18th, at 5:00 PM.

The Winner will be announced Tuesday, January 19th. What do you win?

A big, fat $50 gift card to IKEA.slide0001_image021

You can help give your house a fresh look for the new year! Or you can buy 300 of those awesome cinnamon rolls. Whatever floats your boat. I can’t wait to read everyone’s entries. Happy commenting!

*NOTE: If you’re an unlucky soul who doesn’t live near one of the happiest places on earth (IKEA, duh) you can get a gift card to another store.

Judy - This is late, but I figured I’d give it a try anyway! =)

Our goal for the new year, 2010, as a new Mr. and Mrs. is to save up for and purchase our very first home down here in South Florida. I am working as a middle school teacher and Justin is finishing up law school in the Davie area. We would love to find the house of our dreams by the end of this year, fingers crossed! <3January 19, 2010 – 12:19 am

Linsey Faircloth - Sorry I’m late….but here you go anyway…
A. think we should leave plane crashes in last decade. At the beginning of the 2000s we had a handful of men flying planes into buildings in order to kill people. At the end of the decade we had one man flying a plane into the Hudson River in order to save people. News flash: Planes are supposed to stay in the sky until you press the little button that says, “Land Smoothly at Airport.”
B. This year I plan on spending more time with my family and friends, planning my wedding without becoming a bridezilla and making it a point to read one book a month for the entire year :)January 19, 2010 – 12:10 am

Stephanie Edwards - I think that social networking (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) should be left behind in 2009. It is EVERYWHERE! Mentioned in the news, tv shows, company’s websites, etc. I got rid of mine at the beginning of Jan. ’09 and it was a great year! :-) It makes me worried for the next generation of kids.

My 2010 goals are to successfully get through this crazy semester of grad school, plan my wedding, and be married by the summer. I can’t wait – 2010 is guaranteed to be an exciting year!January 18, 2010 – 8:14 pm

Sarah Loynes - For 2010, I’m focusing more on my Savior, and less on myself. What a great day when I start it off with and end it with Him on my mind and on my tongue. I do agree with leaving those really stupid shows on TV behind, but if you choose not to watch them then sooner or later they will take them off!! To God be the glory.January 18, 2010 – 7:39 pm

susan shaw - we would like to leave behind “baggy pants” and continue to sing Pants on the Ground – :)January 18, 2010 – 7:25 pm

Lynsey - My goal for the next year and future decade is to get an IKEA store in my state, or one of the many states that surround us, so that if I would win this contest, it would be beneficial to me. I hear they have a lot of bright things that are cheap, which are my personal favorites, so I think I would really enjoy the place.January 18, 2010 – 7:14 pm

christine jackson - ok so i just saw the whole 2-3 sentences part her we go, Keep God first, continue to grow my business, better time with kiddos, organize my life!!!!!
What should we leave in the past….overpaid drugged out sex addict celebrities!!! Make real people our hereos and role models!!!January 18, 2010 – 3:17 pm

christine jackson - Ok so here are my very basic goals in a nutshell:
#1-Continue growing in my daily walk with God. I have been doing this by litterally sitting down each morning and “having coffee” with God. I drink my coffee and journal/pray and it has really helped. I have a very long way to go (don’t we all), but my goal is to make it a part of my day every day, not just a thought to do better. Thoughts without action are a waste of space in your brain!!
#2- To organize my finances.
#3-Try to get my saturdays off and add tuesday so I can be with my kiddos!!! In order to do this I have to work extra hard and get my numbers up. I know I can do it with Gods help.
#4-Continue to better myself in my career with continuing education. Already committed to 3 classes so far, have faith God will provide the finances for them.The more I do to grow myself through education, and my walk with God the more money I can bring in to take care of my family.
#5- Organize the time I do have with the kids better. My week is so crazy from wed on, I have to make the best of sun-tue. Things like our Pete’s tradition, movie time, kids helping me cook. Get back to the basics!!!
*6-Organize my house!!!! i stay soooo busy that I have got to get the house organized. Angie has helped with most of it my focus at this point is my bedroom (yuck).
#7- Ok so this is one of those things kinda out of my control but it is something I have high hopes for. I really want to find someone. I know God has someone for me, but I would like to be in a relationship with someone. It has been a very long time since I have had anyone around and I miss that. Oh well like I said out of my control!!!
#8-Yeah Yeah everyone puts it, but here goes to lose some weight and tone up. I miss being able to work out. I also have to start eating right. I have killed my metabolisim simply cause i don’t eat, now ladies i don’t do it on purpose, i just get busy and don’t think about it.January 18, 2010 – 3:08 pm

Amy Starks [Starks Photography] - I’m not seriously entering, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to give my two cents on what should be banned from 2010. :) #1 – Celebrity name combinations. It was clever at first, but now it’s just kind of annoying – and a little confusing. Bennifer, TomKat, Speidi, Brangelina…I’m just ready for everyone to have their own identities again. #2 – People who are famous for having lots of children (*cough*OctoMom&Jon&KateGosselin*cough*) should be left in ’09. And #3 – Swine Flu. Swine Flu has no place in our future.January 15, 2010 – 5:05 am

Brianna - My fiance & I have set a new “goal”, I guess you could call it, for 2010 and on. He works for Cutco, a high quality kitchen cutlery brand-Number 2 in the world, Number 1 in the US. One of the top salesmen in the company, Hal Elrod, wrote a book called “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Change Your Life…(Before 8am)”. Basically, the book tells you how this guy schedules his mornings to be more successful. You get up early and there’s different stages: Meditation/Religious, Reading, Journaling, Affirmations/Goals, and Exercise. The first stage you do whatever you believe will help you. I’m fairly religious, so I’ve chosen to read the Bible or do a devotional during that time. Then you read whatever you feel will help you. Then you write in a journal. Then you visualize your day & set goals for the day. And finally, you exercise. You can take as long as you want on each stage, we’re doing about 15 minutes per stage, and then 30 for exercising. We’re very excited about our Miracle Morning. I’m sharing it with everyone! :)January 15, 2010 – 12:16 am

Lori - Believe it or not my goal for the new year/decade is to educate myself more fully in photography and see where it takes me. I have totally become a card carrying member of the Mamarazzi and am presently taking classes to improve my skills and technique. I really enjoyed watching you do your thing at J and J’s wedding and I love your work!!January 14, 2010 – 3:40 am

Jamie Abbott - I would have to say we could leave behind baggy britches. I’m so tired of seeing these men, boys and yes girls thinking they are cool. It’s sad when my little one says momma I see his butt hanging out. Gross put some clothes on. People need to be who they are and not try to be someone they are not. This one applies to all aspects of life.

My number one goal this year is to set Jamie aside and start focusing and helping others. It’s not all about me. If we can all have this mindset the world would be a better place =)January 13, 2010 – 4:14 pm

Ashley McCormick Photography - I agree with Steff on the “boys in skinny jeans with converse and long bangs”, but I am kinda sick of reality tv. I think that should be left in the past. Well… except for ANTM, that is a guilty pleasure. But the rest of that garbage? It needs to go. And as for resolutions, I plan on being much more productive! And if I win (which obviously you know I’m not truly entering), but if I did, I would use the gift card to buy you fun baby stuff, lol :)January 13, 2010 – 2:19 am

Annette - There are way to many obnoxious things in the last decade to even start listing which ones need to be left behind. My goals for 2010 is to get through having my last child graduate high school and become a much more organized person.January 12, 2010 – 9:21 pm

Ashley - This year is especially important to me because I’ll be closing one chapter of my life (graduating college in April!) and beginning another (moving back to Orlando, settling down and starting my career). My goal is to find what makes my husband and I happy and run with it. I want this year, heck, this decade, to be about us because so many of the years behind us have been about school and going through the motions. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s out there for us!January 12, 2010 – 7:24 pm

Lauren Soon-To-Be-Salas - A-THE SNUGGIE!!!! I truly believe the snuggie should be left behind and never sold again

B-Get MARRIED and become a Salas! :)January 12, 2010 – 5:58 pm

Adeline - My goal for the new year is to focus on myself and try to focus on my happiness for once. I deserve to treat myself like a queen, and someone’s got to do it… (no one else will :P) so I will.January 12, 2010 – 5:29 pm

Steff - Alright. I don’t need the Ikea because I don’t have a store nearby, but I still wanted to get in on the fun. I think that “OMG” should be left in the last decade. It’s so annoying. OOOP! Nevermind. I say it too much. Well, my second choice would be to leave all things Converse in the last decade. Sorry to those of you who wear them…more power to you, but I’m just over boys in skinny jeans with converse and long bangs. Over it.January 12, 2010 – 4:54 pm

heidimitchell - @Michael – Oh my. I don’t even know what to say about your entry…..

@Alicia – I’m with you on the status slang. Beyond obnoxious.January 12, 2010 – 4:44 pm

Michael Salas - I propse we leave a person in the last decade. I know this may fall slightly out of the parameters of the contest. However, I find my reasons justify this breach. I believe that Adam Lambert should be left in 2009. This may be surprising to some, considering his short time in the spotlight. But i for one have seen more than enough crotch rubbing and sexually grotesque dancing in his short time to come to this conclusion.

Also I feel that my relation to Heidi as her brother should not nullify the legitimacy of my entry. I would very much like to buy 300 cinnamon rolls from IKEA.January 12, 2010 – 4:17 pm

Alicia Candelora - I am so definitely up for a $50 Ikea Gift card!!

I am going to answer both A and B.

A- All the ghetto facebook status slang. For example: “Chillin wit mah fri3nds bout to have fun..dhey dha best! Luv yahh gurrrrrls!”

“Gurrrrls???” Seriously? I am scared someone is going to claw me or bite my head off when I read that.

And B- I always stick to 3 new goals each year. #1- Read 1 book a month. #2- Journal once a week, and #3- Start a small group!

PS- blog looks AWESOME!January 12, 2010 – 3:54 pm