Chad Ainsworth: Spotlight

So, I am obviously a wedding photographer. That means I’m supposed to tell you all that wedding photography is THE most important thing about your wedding. Well, I do think choosing your photographer is a huge decision, but today I’m going to give a little blog love to videography. Like I said, I’m supposed to be all about photography, but I would run into a burning building to save my wedding DVD. (Or maybe I would send Mike in after it and just cheer him on from a safe place) You get the point. I love my wedding DVD. We have watched it over and over again. I love the beauty of my wedding photos and the way I can hang them in our room or look through our gorgeous leather album. But our DVD has the sound of our voices when we said our vowels. It has my father-in-law doing the robot on the dance floor. It has my little brother running in front of Mike & I raising the roof as we’re being introduced at the reception. (He’s older and “cooler” now, so I’m pretty sure he regrets that little shenanigan today)
Meet Chad Ainsworth of AP Wedding Cinema. (Check out his website. There are sample videos there!) I was introduced to Chad through a mutual friend. He’s in his 2nd year of business as a wedding videographer. He’s in the process of completing his Communications degree with emphasis in Film Studies. I wanted to introduce you to him because I’m always puzzled as to why more people don’t book a videographer! His packages range from $450 to $2350, so it’s definitely affordable. He shoots with professional HD equipment, so the quality is great. I have received so much support as I’ve built my business, so I wanted to share the love and help support another young, aspiring professional.
Here’s my interview with Chad:
 The thing I love most about wedding videography is:

The joyful atmosphere and having the privilege of capturing the day on video!

The thing that makes me different from other videographers is:
I'm willing to work with whatever the couple wants.  I will remain unobtrusive and still affectively capture the entire day in beautiful HD video.  I offer a 35mm cinematic lens feature that will make your video not look like video, it will look like what you see in theaters...  truly cinematic.

When I'm not working, you can find me:
Spending time with my beautiful fiance and occasionally playing video
games or working on screenplays for future film projects.

The album(s) I can't quit listening to right now:
It's a tie between Taylor Swift's new album and Nickelback's new album.

The 3 words that describe me as a videographer are:

Unobtrusive. Caring. Passionate.

The 3 words that describe me as a person are:

Determined. Joyful. Relaxed.

Chad with his love!

Thanks for the interview, Chad! I'm cheering you on as another 20-something pursuing a dream.

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