{Amber & Michael} romantic rowboat engagement photography

This is one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. I may have said that about the last engagement. I can’t help it. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph some amazing couples lately! Amber & Michael wanted something simple, sweet & natural for their session. They asked me if it was okay for them to bring along an adorable teal cruiser, and I of course was thrilled with that! Then we headed over to a small lake to finish off their session on a rowboat. I just love everything about those photos! Michael & Amber are not only adorable, but the light was fabulous.

It was one of the more daring shoots I’ve done. We found a lake & a rowboat to use. The only problem was that it was a small, private lake where only non-motorized boats can be used. I knew I wanted to be out on the water with them, but couldn’t figure out how since we only had one rowboat. Then I got the insane idea to ask my brother to take me out on the lake next to them on his kayak. It was the only other non-motorized boat I could get my hands on. There was just one problem. It’s a one person kayak. I knew I couldn’t steer and shoot at the same time, so I would have to have him “drive” the kayak. So picture me with my camera in hand, sitting on the back of a one person kayak. I sat in the small little cargo area where one might set his lunch or something. Definitely not meant to hold a person! I just told everyone if I started to fall in the water, save my camera. That was my only request. Luckily the only thing to get wet was my bum from sinking the back of the kayak. I was okay with that. These photos were so worth it.

Amber & Michael, you guys are such a sweet and amazing couple. I had so much fun during this session, and I can’t wait for your wedding next month!!!

stephanie - The boat ones are great, but my favorite is second row on the right. It looks fake. Amazing. I was nervous for your camera just reading the post.March 22, 2011 – 8:00 pm