Coolest Kids in School

Tonight was Homecoming night for pretty much all of the area schools, including my brothers’ school. My mom called this afternoon and asked if I would photograph them before they went to their dance. They were thrilled as you can imagine any kids their ages would be.
I’m the oldest of 4 siblings and the only girl. My brother Michael is 4 years younger then me. He & I are a complete mixture of our mom and dad. We are both an interesting blend of their looks and personalities. Then came Tyler and Chris. They are the carbon copy kids of our family. Tyler IS my mother, and Chris IS my father. If you’ve ever met them, then you know what I’m talking about. Looking through the lens at Tyler today was almost creepy because I just took my mom’s headshots a few weeks ago, and it was like I was looking at her! Chris not only looks like my dad, but he acts just like him. They walk the same and even give you the same look when you’re annoying them :)
I love these guys so much. I was 9 when Tyler was born and 10 when Chris was born, so I was their 2nd mother when I lived at home. They are a big part of the reason Mike and I decided to stay close by after we got married. We love going to their basketball games, violin concerts, and just being able to watch them grow up. I’ve loved being able to still be a part of their lives even as I have started my own family. (which consists of Mike, Blondie and Peanut for now!)

Chris (aka my dad’s mini me)

Tyler (aka male version of my mom)
He was on the Homecoming Court for his class.


True personalities coming out!

Anonymous - Cute guys!! Great photos!October 26, 2008 – 10:28 pm

Ashley McCormick Photography - Your brothers are so cute!! I love the ones with them against the wall. Studs is right :)October 5, 2008 – 4:04 am