Too Much Cuteness!

I seriously doubt that you have ever seen anything as cute as what you’re about to see! Today I had the privilege of photographing 3 beautiful little girls. They were so great and cooperated wonderfully. These cutie pie twins are 3 years old, and they are loads of fun! Their 6 month old baby sister is adorable, too! The twins were pointing out each little ant and spider web on the sidewalk and having their parents remove them so they wouldn’t be bothered by them when we were taking their pictures. They really don’t like bugs which is okay with me, because I don’t like them either! Their mom and dad were great. When the girls started getting tired, they said that magic word that all kids love to hear: donuts! A little sweet bribery goes a long way in getting kids to put up with having their picture taken :)  
I had such a great time with them! They are so sweet and definitely a beautiful family.

These two really love each other!

I love this shot of them holding hands.

Such beautiful girls!

Can you tell that these two are FULL of personality ;)

Little sis’ getting some love!

One of my favorites!!!