Baby Collin – Charleston

Many of you know that I spent last week in Charleston, WV, with my friend, Stephanie. While I was there I had several portrait sessions and Collin’s was the first. Now everyone is saying that I’m going to have to open a Charleston branch of Heidi Mitchell Photography, and I just may do that.

Collin was such a sweet baby boy. He was a little mesmerized by the big black camera in his face, but we managed to get a few sweet smiles out of him. I can’t wait to see his mommy and him next time I’m in Charleston!
I just never get tired of baby butts. They are so cute!

He’s very deep in thought here as you can see.

This silly face sums up how he felt about me photographing him at that exact moment!

He was very happy in the basket!

The one on the right is his baby Moses impression.

This was the sign that the session was over and it was nap time for Collin!