Danielle & Mark: Wedding

You never know when you will meet your soulmate. All you can hope for it that you come across that person as you go through life. Danielle and Mark were lucky enough to find each other. Last weekend they celebrated their marriage and the combining of their families in a small, intimate ceremony. With just their closest friends and family looking on, they made their promises as they stood under a beautiful oak tree surrounded by their children. To make things even sweeter, they are expecting a new addition to their beautiful family later this year. 

Danielle and Mark chose to have a wedding that reflected their personalities. With cowboy hats, the simplicity of the outdoors and even some bar-b-q sauce favors, you couldn’t help but feel at home. Danielle’s family even catered the meal, and let me tell you, no caterer anywhere can compare to a great home-cooked meal. It was truly a time to celebrate their lives and their families, and I think that’s just what weddings should be. 


FYI, I will be judging a student photography competition all week long in Orlando, so my phone/email responses may be slightly delayed. I’ll be back in my office Monday, August 10th. Thanks for your patience. 



No country wedding would be complete without mason jars!



Danielle had her dad’s cross attached to her bouquet to keep his memory close to her heart on her wedding day. I thought that was a beautiful symbol of his spirit being present for this special occasion.



The adorable boys! I told them to hug each other, but it kind of ended up that they were squishing each other. LOL.



Their sweet flower girl. She will go down in history as one of my favorite ceremony moments. She looks happy in this picture, right? Well, she had a huge smile as she walked down the aisle, but she was saying, “I’m not happy about this!” over and over under her breath as she walked! I think she was a little nervous with all the eyes fixed on her. So cute.



Danielle’s brother had the honor of walking her down the aisle.



Love this moment.



I just love their daughter’s expression as she watched their first kiss :)



The kiddos.






Live bands are so much fun at receptions! This country band kept with the theme of the event.



Love, love, love how the backyard reception turned out. Just beautiful.