Parker is 2 – Part One: Personal

They say you don’t get to choose your family. That’s only partially true. You may not get to choose the family you’re born into, but you can make the decision to add people to your family when you’re older. Stephanie has been in my life for 13 years now. (We have now officially been friends for more than half of our lives.) I just absolutely adore Steph, David and Parker. They’re part of my family, and I’m so thankful to have them.

Last week I went up to West Virginia to enjoy their company and also have some fun at Parker’s 2nd birthday party. Here are some party pics. Part two of this post will have the portraits we took while I was there. In only a few short weeks I’ll be flying back up to meet baby #2! Can’t wait!



The reason my skinny jeans wouldn’t button this week. I wish I was kidding.



Parker loves sports. Really. He thought he was in heaven when he walked in the living room and saw all the baseballs, basketballs, and soccer balls.



See, I did eat something healthy.



The birthday boy.



One of the fun things about visiting Stephanie a few times a year is getting to know her friends. This is me with Lynsey. Glad I got to see her and her family again this trip.



Pinata Time.



Some very happy kids.



Only on his birthday could he get away with this. Three suckers all at once!



Love this guy.





- Terry,

Thanks so much for the compliment! I enjoy getting to photograph that sweet little boy an chance I get :)July 25, 2009 – 2:24 pm

Terry - Heidi, It’s such fun seeing Parker grow up through your eyes. I love your photography!July 25, 2009 – 1:17 pm

Tabitha - He is such a cute little stinker! I’ve seen a lot of pictures on your blog of him and his momma. And may I say she is quite beautiful herself. I hope I look as good as she does when EJ and I decide to have a baby. :)July 24, 2009 – 7:53 pm