Lori & Seth 8.8.08

The weather was not looking very promising for the fabulous beach wedding on 8.8.08 that I had been looking forward to. The whole way to New Smyrna I kept asking Mike, “do you think it will clear up?” as we drove through a monsoon. Well, it didn’t clear up in time to have the ceremony on the beach, but we did get to take some great beach photos with the wedding party. If your beach ceremony gets rained out, it’s kind of sad, but when your ceremony gets moved to a fabulous penthouse on the top floor of a gorgeous beach condo, well that’s the next best thing!

Seth and Lori are such a loving couple who come from great, loving families. You’ll be able to see this in the photos I post. Seth said during his vows that he used to make all of his friends go to Chic-fil-A all of the time just to see Lori back when they were younger and he was trying to score a date with her. (Lori used to work there) Lori was a beautiful bride and so bubbly, which I love! She actually jumped up and down after their first kiss as they were being introduced for the first time! Such a sweet couple and I wish them all of the best!

Gorgeous dress!

Love the colorful cake!

Seth sent Lori a bouquet of her favorite flowers the morning of the wedding.

The groom and groomsmen having as much fun as they can while having their photographs taken :)

This is the beautiful flower girl, Abby, with Seth. Abby is Lori’s niece. (Her older sister Jill’s daughter) Abby is pretty much in love with Seth and said she wants to marry him! So sweet!

The beautiful ladies.

We had to take a picture like this of Lori because her family has a photo of her mom and her sister in this pose, so this picture is very special to them.

A giant “thank you” to my amazing husband who changed his own work schedule to be able to come help me at this wedding. I was SO glad he came because we drove through so much rain, and I hate driving in the rain! Once we arrived, he unloaded my equipment in the rain so I wouldn’t have to. Such a great hubby!

I love that she’s writing “dad” in the sand.

Mom helping Lori tie up the dress before leaving for the ceremony.

It was an emotional ceremony as you can see from the pictures above. The bride, her mom, and her sister all crying during the vows!

Even Seth got in on the crying action and actually shed a few tears while saying his vows. I love a groom that cries!

Lori’s sister, Jill, and their friend, Wes, sang during the ceremony and it was FABULOUS! That is the only way to describe it!

Both families took communion together and then prayed together. It was a really special moment.

The guests threw beach balls at the couple as they exited. So much fun!

You’re probably wondering why I blogged this photo. It’s just Mike posing for me to take a test shot before starting the family portraits. Well, let me introduce you to “Wedding Man”. The very imaginative four-year-old flower girl (Abby) asked Mike if he killed bad guys. When he said no, she asked if he had any super powers. When he said no again, she said, “Well what’s the backpack for then?” Apparently, she thought he was some kind of super hero, so I’ve been calling him “Wedding Man” ever since! Thanks for the laughs, Abby!

LOVE this photo of Lori & Seth walking on the beach!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture! They are so in love, and I think this image captures that!

It’s always great to run into friends at a wedding. Mandy and Herbert are some of our favorite people! Mike & Herbert have been friends since elementary school, and it was so great to see them!

Lori and her brother-in-law, Rodrick, ┬ádancing. Rodrick is Jill’s husband and Abby’s dad. I just love this image of these two because it just shows you how much this family loves each other, and how close they are! I was so touched by seeing how much they all care for each other.

The first dance! Congrats to you, Lori & Seth!

Heidi Mitchell - Thanks! I was sad for Lori that it couldn’t be on the beach, but the penthouse was pretty amazing! And yes, Mike will forever be known as Wedding Man! I won’t let him live it down!!!August 11, 2008 – 7:33 pm

Ashley McCormick Photography - Despite the rain this wedding was beautiful!! Your photos are awesome! And I love the “Wedding Man” story, that’s hilarious!August 11, 2008 – 6:48 pm