{Lincoln} 6 months

Photographing babies & kids has become one of the best parts of my job. I just love tiny newborns, chubby babies, & energetic toddlers. Having my own baby earlier this year has made me come to love it even more and given me a new perspective on my photography. (And all of life for that matter!) I can now understand why moms are so nervous when trying to get photos of their kids, why they tell me it’s so hard to know what to wear, why there’s a look of fear on their faces when the babies start to cry! I’ve been that mom now! I have a new appreciation for what my clients go through to get great portraits of their little ones.

Keeping that in mind, I was dreading trying to take my own son’s portraits. He was less-than-perfect the two times I attempted to get newborn photos of him, and he loves to cry every time I try to get the camera out. I swear he knows what he’s doing and it’s all just to torture me! Anyways, here was our best attempt at taking 6 month portraits of Lincoln. He gave me about 20 minutes before the photo-induced meltdown began.

Hard to believe this was my baby boy just 6 months ago!

Here he is now. I know this isn’t a smile, but I love this face. He makes it at me all the time.

Drool and all. I could’ve retouched it, but really, that’s what babies do!

I always wanted blue eyes when I was growing up. I didn’t get them (mine are hazel), but my baby boy did.

I wanted to take some more in his tie, but this is when the meltdown began. Maybe we’ll attempt some more soon.

Emily - The one on y’alls bed is so perfect! Those eyes!!!December 8, 2010 – 3:07 pm

heidimitchell - Thank you Lisa! Steph, yes he’s sitting by himself. He can do it momentarily, then he tumbles over.December 7, 2010 – 3:25 pm

stephanie - He’s perfect. Drool and all. Is e sitting up all by himself in #5? I love that picture.December 7, 2010 – 3:17 pm

Lisa Lotter - He is so cute! Love it!December 7, 2010 – 3:02 pm