On the Road Again…

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Mike and I completed our 6th family gathering of the week, and we are trying to recover. We were blessed to spend time with both of our families and enjoy some yummy food, too. (I think my jeans are shrinking. lol)
I am leaving tomorrow morning for a short getaway to South Carolina. I’ll be back just before New Year’s, but I technically won’t be back in my office until Monday, January 5th. To those of you patiently waiting for your photos from recent sessions, I promise I’ll be getting back to work very soon! 
I haven’t forgotten about you :) 
Until next time, here’s a little photo of Mike & I that we took on our recent trip to West Virginia to visit David, Steph and Parker. (The snow was beautiful while it lasted!) I hope that everyone will enjoy time with their families, and have a safe and fun new year!