{Lynsey, Joe, Dylan & Reed}

This post is one of my favorite families. I think this was the 3rd or 4th time I’ve photographed them. Dylan is so darn cute and a lot of fun. If you look closely you can see his little brother Reed starting to make his appearance by way of baby bump on Lynsey’s belly. Can’t wait to see that little guy and have another family member to photograph!


Hojo the (enormous) puppy made an appearance here. A little fun in the mud.

I love a good “I’m being tickled” smile! The tickle trick works every time.

Steff - My favorite is the one where Joe and Dylan are touching Lyn’s belly. The light is beautiful as well as the family.October 5, 2010 – 2:52 pm

Lynsey - Thanks so much Heidi! I am surprised how well they turned out after a disaster of a day trying to take them! I am super excited some from the creek turned out, and I can’t wait to see the rest. Now I just have to somehow convince you to come to WV when Reed is born!October 1, 2010 – 2:09 pm