Judy & Justin: Engagement

Judy and Justin met during their freshman year at UF in Gainesville. It was a chance meeting. They lived on opposite sides of campus and had completely different majors. His dorm had a big event one night, and Judy was there. They eventually figured out that they had both grown up in South Florida. They decided to go on a date, and what a night that turned out to be! Neither one of them had a car in Gainesville. (Some crazy people told them that they wouldn’t need one. Ummm.. if you live anywhere in Florida, you need a car! Come on! I told them they were lied to. lol) They had to take a bus in the pouring rain to get to their date at Carrabba’s. So now, not only were they riding the bus, but the bus didn’t make a stop close to the restaurant. They had to walk the rest of the way in the rain. That crazy first date must have not been so bad, because they are now engaged :)
We did their engagement shoot on the UF campus where they met and had so many memories together. Their wedding will be at the amazing Baughman Center on campus. This place is 
f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s and I cannot wait to shoot there. Judy and Justin were so much fun to photograph. They are totally in love, and I hope that I was able to do their relationship justice through the photos. 
Can’t wait for 1-2-10! Thanks for letting me be a part of your engagement and wedding :)
(I wanted to get these images up today in honor of your team winning the National Championship last night. I’m sure you 2 were celebrating!)

The empty stadium was a great place for photos!

One of my favorites! Judy looks amazing!

These were fun :)

There’s the Baughman Center in the background.
The session just wouldn’t be complete without the orange and blue hats!

Anonymous - sweet picsFebruary 6, 2009 – 5:26 am

Lauren Kelly - I never cease to be amazed by your talent Heidi, and love hearing about the story behind the pictures you’re taking!!! I’m telling you, you’re already booked for my engagement, wedding, pregnancy and pics thereafter, haha!!!!! :)January 12, 2009 – 2:43 pm

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice - Heidi:

I posted a link to your blog from mine and there have been about 100 people who have linked to you since last night. Your work is wonderful.

Justin’s Mom

PS Justin blew the engine of his car one month before he left for Gainesville…hence…no car..LOLJanuary 10, 2009 – 3:19 pm

Judith - Heidi! Your talent is absolutely amazing! Justin and I were stunned when we first saw them, they’re gorgeous! Our parents are thrilled with them. Thank you so much.January 10, 2009 – 1:33 pm