Jamie, Jason & Andrew: Family

I just flew in from Charleston, WV, this morning after a week of being up there. I was mostly there to visit my friends, but I found some time to sneak in a few sessions. I was scheduled to have 3, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate, so I was only able to do 2. Here is the first one!
Jamie and Jason have this sweet little boy you see below, Andrew. I met up with Jamie and Andrew in the morning at their home. We wanted to get some sweet photos of Andrew in his nursery and just around the house. Did I mention that Jamie is pregnant with their second baby? She looks so pretty right now, and we snuck in a few belly shots while I was there. 
We met Jason later that day in downtown Charleston at the Capitol Market. When you see the photos below you might not be able to tell, but it was POURING rain! We decided to get creative and shoot anyways. Capitol Market was the perfect place to get some great photos and stay dry! 
Next time I’m up, I will be photographing the new addition to the family, Ava :)
How cute is he?

I love photographing kids in their rooms just acting like themselves!

Such a pretty momma!
Pointing to baby Ava

This one is probably my favorite! I love Andrew’s face!