Jackson – 7 months

Last week I photographed baby Jackson’s 7 month portraits. You may have seen some pregnancy photos on my website with a cute blonde mommy with her pug puppy and with the name “jackson” painted on her belly. Well that’s Stacie, Jackson’s mom. The last time I took photos of him he was about 3 months old, and boy he has grown a lot since then! Jackson is the kind of baby that I affectionately call “chunky monkey”. Stacie said that she was pretty sure he couldn’t be the poster child for “Feed the Children”. What a cutie! Can’t wait to do his 12 month photos in December!

Oh man. If you have seen this kid’s daddy, you know that Jackson is a carbon copy of him. Those two look so much alike! This face just reminds me of his dad!

These two black and whites literally made me laugh out loud!