Gracie, Lauren & Co: Family

I got to hang out with Gracie, Lauren and their family this past Saturday. Their mom, Amanda, asked me to photograph their family of 4 plus the grandparents for Christmas. She found this great location out under a gorgeous oak tree. After the big family group, we headed back to their house for some more fun. 
I love it when moms get creative for their kids’ portraits. Amanda had these amazing, whimsical skirts for her girls to wear. They were fantastic, and helped us create some really fun images. 
Thanks for letting me hang out with your family! 
Hope you all like your photos :)

The whole gang

I loved Amanda’s red shoes :)

The girls specifically requested that I photograph them like this with their legs in the air. Not sure why, but that’s what they wanted. I also told them that they could jump on the bed JUST for pictures, and it would be our little secret :)  

Aren’t those skirts amazing?

One of my favorites. Gorgeous girls!