Elijah: Newborn

You can always count on your best friends to tell you the truth. You know, “I don’t care how in style that outfit is, please don’t buy it”. Or some days, “Heidi, you really need to update your blog. I’ve been looking at the same post for a week”. That was the phone call I got from one of my best friends today. I decided that if I was getting a phone call from out of state asking me about it, it must be time. 
To be perfectly honest with everyone here on the Internet, I have never ever ever in my whole life been as busy as I am right now. I am not complaining, because I’m thrilled to have had so many weddings and portraits this spring. It would be no problem at all if this busy spring didn’t happen to coordinate with my final semester of school. All I have to do is survive the rest of April. May 2nd will be my graduating class’s reception for our Thesis Exhibition, and then May 9th is the big day! So thank you for your patience. I will be so much more prompt in returning emails, phone calls and photos after this month is over! Oh, and I’ll try to be better at updating the blog, Steph.
Here’s this beautiful baby boy, Elijah. I photographed him when he was only 1 week old! The sooner the better when it comes to newborns. They are only that tiny for such a short time. Elijah will go down in the Heidi Mitchell Photography history books for being the easiest newborn to photograph ever. He was perfect. He even had his eyes open for most of the session. I am looking forward to going back to see this little guy throughout his 1st year!
(P.S. Check out his mommy & daddy’s website. If you’re planning a wedding or an event, they can light it for you and help make your photos so much better!)

Lauren Kelly - Heidi, you probably have the best job on the planet :)April 14, 2009 – 3:03 pm