Charleston Sneak Peeks

After four days in Charleston, West Virginia, Lincoln & I are back home. I’m happy to report that he did pretty well on the plane rides. Traveling with an infant is about as much fun as it sounds, but thankfully it’s a short flight.

While I was there, I did two family portrait sessions. Here are a few photos. I’ll do full blog posts next week.

Stephanie, David, Parker & Graham:

Lynsey, Joe, Dylan & Reed (Reed’s still in his momma’s belly)

And just for fun (or to torture myself & the boys), I thought I would attempt to get a photo of Stephanie’s kiddos & Lincoln together. Lincoln looks a little confused. Oh well. We tried.

Lauren Kelly - Oh, can’t wait to see more! Love the picture with the kids together!!! :)September 17, 2010 – 2:59 pm