Bryan & Jamie: Family

I have been neglecting my blog lately due to my ridiculous schedule, but I had a minute, so here goes! Last weekend I photographed Bryan, Jamie and their sweet little one. He has lived with them since he was only a few weeks old. They’ve been in the process of adopting him, and it looks like it will happen soon!
I love seeing them together as a family. The baby loves them and they love him just like any other family. Right in the middle of our session when I was trying to get him to look at the camera, he turned around to Bryan and puckered his lips out to ask for a kiss! After he got a kiss, he turned back around and we finished taking pictures. Adoption is such an awesome display of love, and I’m so glad I could capture these images of them for their Christmas cards.
P.S. This kid is so cute, he’s off the charts :) Just look at him!

Rachel - He is the cutest little boy, I especially like him in the big red chair.December 7, 2008 – 9:54 pm